Full-Stack GDPR Consent Solution
Easy-to-use and very flexible,
allows publishers to set consent workflow in minutes
Support both IAB Framework and Google DFP/AdX/AdSense
Clickio Consent Tool collects and communicates consent both to IAB Framework vendors and to Google Ads products. We are officially registered as an IAB Consent Management Provider.

We offer full compliance with Google EU user consent policy and with requirements of other demand partners. All publishers using Google's ad products need to obtain end users' consent before showing personalized ads. The records of consent must be retained, and users must be able to revoke consent.

The tool provides publishers with a lot of flexibility to make your own choices. You can choose consent flow recommended by Google at Cookiechoices.org, as well as a number of alternative approaches.
Full Flexibility and Consent Options
We understand how complex GDPR is, and how differently it can be interpreted. Whatever you approach to user consent, Clickio Consent Tool has you covered.
Button Layouts
"Yes / No"
"Agree / Manage Options"
Dialog Position
Center Pop-up

Bottom Ribbon
Ads Settings
Pause ads while user is choosing

Load non-personalised ads immediately

Consent Options
"Approve button" Only

Site Navigation as Consent

Scrolling as Consent
Easy Customization

No coding required. Change look and feel with an easy interface.

All disclosure language is customizable. You can add your own vendors and data collection purposes.

At the same time, the tool provides you with the standard disclosures in multiple languages and with the list of GDPR-compliant vendors and their purposes (from both Google and IAB Framework).
Consent pop-ups are automatically targeted to EEA users, and don't affect visitors from other countries.
Ad Tag Integration
Clickio Consent Tool automatically integrates with both Google AdSense/AdX/DFP tags and with all vendors that support IAB Transparency and Consent Framework.
We retain consent records, store and back them up on servers located in the European Union.
Track daily statistics on user consent choices. Adjust design and language to improve consent rates.
How to access?
I have a Clickio account
The tool is live for all our publishers. Go to "Sites and Ad Units", and then to "GDPR Consent Tool" for each site.
Go to account
I don't have a Clickio account
You can create an account at Clickio.com to get access to the tool. Alternatively, contact us and we will help you get going.
Get it touch
I want managed service
Our team can meet your GDPR consent requirements, install the tool and provide technical support.
Are you planning to introduce additional designs and A/B testing?
Yes. We started with a reference design provided by Google, but we have already added additional designs and ways to customize.

You can choose between content blocking and non-blocking versions, between center and bottom positions, and between different button layouts.
Can users revoke consent using the tool?
Yes. We provide publishers with the link that must be placed on the site. When the user clicks on the link, the consent dialog reappears.
Is Clickio Consent Tool compatible with the IAB Europe's GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework?
IAB Europe developed a framework that allows end users to give very granular consent (for specific purposes and even individual vendors). You can find more information about the framework at Advertisingconsent.eu.

Clickio participates in the Framework as a registered Consent Management Provider. We are fully compatible with the framework.
Can Clickio Consent Tool be used with other ad vendors?
Absolutely. The tool can send consent status to other tags. If the vendor participates in IAB Transparency and Consent Framework, they will be able to receive users' consent status from our tool automatically.

For all other vendors, we provide a simplified way to check the status, which is explained in our technical documentation.
How is the Consent Tool integrated with DFP/AdX/AdSense?
We are integrated with Google Ad Products using methods described in "Ads personalization settings in Google's publisher ad tags".

1. For a new user, Consent Tool either pauses ad requests or switches all Google tags into the non-personalised mode (depending on the settings)
2. User can see the full listed of Google Vendors in the consent dialog
3. When the user makes a choice, the tool resumes Google tags in either personalised or non-personalised mode