Version 1.5

New features

  • Redesigned “Detailed Disclosure” dialog:
    • “Yes/No” buttons changed to “Save Options” button.
    • Added “View Purposes” and “Manage vendors” buttons.
    • “View Purposes” contains IAB Framework purposes, synchronized with the IAB Global Vendor List in the chosen language.
    • “Manage Vendors” contains two lists: Google Common EEA Vendors and IAB Global Vendor List.
    • The user can now select individual vendors from the IAB Vendor list, and enable or disable all vendors in the Google Vendor List (because Google doesn’t currently provide technical ability to choose individual vendors; personalized ads from Google can only be shown when the end user consents to all vendors).
    • Purposes and Features are shown for each IAB vendor.
  • New setting: “All partners enabled in “Manage partners” by default”.
  • Font styles and links can now be used in most text fields.
  • “Background color #2” added to design settings.
  • New setting: “Hide Clickio logo from detailed disclosures”.
  • New setting: “Custom CSS”. Allows further customization of the design, without the need to change site’s CSS files.

Bug fixes

  • Some CSS classes were renames to prevent potential conflicts with sites’ existing classes:
    • main > cl_main
    • details > cl_details
    • purposes > cl_purposes
    • vendors > cl_vendors
    • agree > cl_agree
    • active > cl_active
    • no_overlay > cl_no_overlay
    • bottomline > cl_bottomline